5 sinful foods to avoid while dieting

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It seems like summer is a healthier season for our waistlines.  There’s an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies, we’re more active, and our meals aren’t as heavy as the ones we have during the winter holidays.  Since we don’t have any turkey or pumpkin pie this time of year, we’re off the hook as far as fattening foods, right? Unfortunately, wrong.  Even though our meals seem lighter, here are some sneaky summer foods that may keep you out of your bikini.    

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Mayonnaise-based sides
Summer wouldn’t be complete without our favorite coleslaw, pasta or potato salad.  However, the fat content that these creamy, mayonnaise-based salads contain is no picnic.  Just a half-cup of potato salad has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat.  Using light mayonnaise or opting for alternatives like light Italian dressing or vinegar can help make these summer staples a little healthier. 

Fun, fruity drinks
Who doesn’t love one of those colorful umbrella drinks to sip poolside?  While they may look great in your hand, they won’t look as good on your hips.  Popular frozen drinks such as pina coladas and daiquiris can contain quite a caloric load thanks to their high sugar content.  Just one pina colada can have 300-400 calories and Long Island iced teas can pack up to 500 calories.  To keep your cocktails from becoming your meal, opt for wine coolers, spritzers or reduced calorie versions of these drinks.  

Frozen treats
Is it any surprise ice cream consumption is highest in July and August?  An ice cream cone is the perfect summer treat but most scoops of ice cream can be up to 300 calories.  Dairy Queen Blizzards and other similar treats blended with cookies and candy can jump up to a scary 700 calories.  If you still want a tasty treat your best bet is to check out your ice cream aisle in your grocery store.  You can find light ice cream, popsicles, and fruit bars all with less calories and smaller portion sizes. 

What could possibly be wrong with a salad?  We’re not trying to keep you from eating salads, but sometimes you would be better off eating those chicken strips or that cheeseburger. Really! Some restaurantsalads can contain 800 to 1,000 calories being loaded down with bacon, fried chicken strips, cheese, nuts, croutons and fattening, creamy dressing. 

Ball games and carnivals
Summer brings outdoor activities such as ball games, fairs, carnivals and concerts—and the food that comes with these events such as funnel cakes, fried turkey legs, nachos, hot dogs and butter-drenched popcorn.  Limit yourself to very few of these indulgences over the summer and your Daisy Duke’s will thank you!

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