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There are a lot of different rules for society to follow, with each offering some sort of oppression. These different rules and truth for life do the opposite, helping everyone to feel empowered and refreshed. A few simple rules to follow and things to do can completely shape your outlook on life, including remembering to think, remembering to breathe, and remembering to dream.

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It can be easy for us to get down, in need of self-confidence improvement or self-improvement tips because we’ve become jaded. Some of the best self esteem self-help courses teach a list of rules and truths, things that everyone should do to stay aware of how great their life truly is.

These 10 different truth and rules, in terms of life, are perfect for self-help. These will help with self-improvement, getting you to make the most out of your life and your experiences.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream
The only people who fail to get anywhere in life are the people who fail to dream. Take time to set lofty goals and have incredible dreams. Do not become disappointed when you do not have them or do not obtain them – simply see them as a guide for your future and realize that anything is possible.


  Smiling is Helpful

Try walking around with a smile on your face for the better part of the day. Even if you are upset or angry, start to crack a smile. A smile can actually have health benefits, leading to a better health and life (1). You’ll be amazed by the power of a simple smile, even during times of sadness, disappointment, or anger.


  Count to 10

If you are getting angry or getting upset, or think that you may be making a decision you could regret, pause and think. Count to 10 before anything in your life – before you make a purchase, before you make a serious decision, or before you are about to blow up or get angry with someone. A full 10 seconds of self-awareness are generally all that you’ll need to do the right thing.


  Stop and Think

For a brief moment, stop and think. Give yourself time to stop what you are doing and think about what you are doing. This can help to put your life in perspective, helping you to avoid many of the pitfalls that lead us to depression or anger.


  Party It Up

Don’t be afraid to have fun! Those who let loose and let themselves enjoy life, responsibly, are those who often have the greatest zest for life in every other aspects of their lives.



Love a friend. Love a lover. Love something that you do on a regular basis, or love something that you’ve never done before. A life without love is a life not worth living.



Allow yourself to be hurt, to cry when you are upset or when you are sad. Bottling up emotions simply makes life more difficult – letting out a good cry always makes things easier to handle.


  Take Chances

People will only get somewhere in life if they manage to take some chances. Do not be afraid to take some risks in life. You may falter or fall, but you will never get anywhere in life if you fail to take some chances.


  Be Nice to Strangers
Karma is an incredible thing, providing plenty of benefits to those who do the right thing. Be sure to be nice to strangers – you never know who may come around later in your life.

  Be Thankful

In the end, be thankful for the things that you own, the people that you know, and the experiences that you have had. Good or bad, the culmination of these things has shaped who you are and how your life has been.

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What's that you say? Junior

What's that you say? Junior has left and gone away, hey, hey hey

"We knew someday we would have to do this, and that someday would be this year.

But when it happened, when Ken Griffey Jr. walked away from baseball, it felt so odd, so unreal, so rushed.

I certainly didn't want to write this, at least not now, not two months into the

I wanted another whole season to soak up as much time with Griffey as possible because I knew it would be my last chance.

How many people get to spend the summer talking, teasing and interacting with a guy they idolized growing up? I wanted to hear the stories, relive the memories and be reminded of the Griffey I grew up on.

In hindsight, I probably wanted to hear about the past from him so much because the present was pretty painful to watch in

To see him popping up fastballs he used to crush into the stands, to see him ground out on sliders he would smack to the gap, to see him a shadow of his former self was difficult.

Part of what makes it so difficult is it reminds you of your own mortality. It's a reminder that heroes do grow old, and we age with them. For as long as I really cared about and followed major league baseball, Griffey was wearing a major league uniform."

Teammates cherish time spent with their hero

"Most people would love to meet their childhood hero.

But for many of the younger players on the Seattle Mariners, they got to play alongside him. And as the marathon that is a baseball season wore on, that opportunity and privilege to wear the same uniform as a man they idolized growing up never once grew stale or routine.

The simple sight of Ken Griffey Jr. in the clubhouse made them all as giddy as

So on the day that Griffey announced his retirement, those players already were reminiscing about the time they spent with the greatest player in Mariners history, a player whom they grew up idolizing.

"It was amazing," infielder Matt Tuiasosopo said. "In the six years I've played in the organization, the last year and a half has been the best of my career, just coming here to the clubhouse every day knowing I'd get to be with a guy like Griffey, who I grew up watching and wanting to be like."

How much did the Woodinville High grad want to be like him?

"Every day me and all my friends would go out in our cul de sac just up the street from my house and play with a little tennis ball, and we would all act like him," he said. "I wasn't even a lefty, but I would act like him from the right side. We loved him, the Bone (Jay Buhner) and Edgar (Martinez)."

You didn't have to be from the Northwest to grow up loving Griffey.

"Coming from Australia, he was one of the handful of guys you could relate to being a young kid," pitcher Ryan Rowland-Smith said. "He had a huge impact on the game in Australia."

Rowland-Smith made his major league debut on June 22, 2007, and the first batter he faced was Griffey, then with the Reds. He struck him out

"To come in and get to face him and talk to him about a few years later was a cool experience," Rowland-Smith said. "All I remember is that I got ahead of him and trying to throw a curveball as hard as I could. It bounced, and he swung. I walked off, and I could hear the groans from the crowd cause they wanted to see him hit a home run. But it was a special moment for me."

Then again he will view the whole time with Griffey as special."

Airport hosts baseball buff's trove of mementos

Way back in the early 1960s, if little Charles Kapner got separated from his mother at the grocery store, she knew exactly where to look.

"Post cereals and Jell-O had baseball cards printed on the back of the boxes," recalls Kapner, who grew up in Seattle's Broadview neighborhood, "so I'd be looking at every box to decide which one I wanted most."

A lot has changed since then, but not Kapner's fascination with baseball — its paraphernalia, its history and its endless supply of facts and figures.griffey shoes

"My background is in accounting, and baseball is a game that's full of numbers, so it's a good fit," said Kapner, 56, a private-school business manager who now lives on the Eastside.

An assortment of Kapner's most interesting pieces — selected from the thousands he now owns — is on display at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at least until the end of baseball season. To find it, go as far south as possible on the airport ticketing level, pass under a "no gate access" sign, take a right past the restrooms, and look for the display facing a Hudson News kiosk.

Don't expect mementos of Ichiro or Ken Griffey Jr. — this is all pre-Mariners stuff.ken griffey shoes

Kapner focuses on items from bygone days partly because they are harder to come by and partly because they hearken back to his own childhood. He still has the Seattle Rainiers Rico Petrocelli card that came in the box of popcorn he got at his first Rainiers game, when he was 8.

The airport exhibit includes the last home plate from Sicks' Seattle Stadium, which closed in 1976. There are jerseys from a 1969 Seattle Pilots father-son game. Even the last driver's license of broadcaster Leo Lassen, the radio voice of the Seattle Indians and Rainiers for three decades, ending in 1960.ken griffey jr shoes

A tall trophy marks Rainier third-basemen Dick Gyselman's 1954 induction into the team's Roll of Honor, lent to Kapner by Gyselman's family.

The oldest item on hand dates back a century, a black-and-white team photo of the 1912 Seattle Giants, showing 16 players with arms folded in identical fashion, flanking the team's grim-faced and supersize owner, Daniel Dugdale, in a dark suit, bow tie and fedora.

Kapner got the print from Carson Van Lindt, author of the 1993 book, "The Seattle Pilots Story."king griffey shoes

A score book used at a Pilots game by broadcaster Bill Schonely is also included in Kapner's airport display.

The Pilots, as longtime Seattle sports fans will never forget, played in Seattle just a single season, 1969, before heading east to become the Milwaukee Brewers.

"I was devastated when they left," said Kapner. He wasn't alone. The team's abrupt departure triggered a lawsuit by Seattle, King County and the state of Washington against the American League, and led to the creation of the Mariners in griffeys

For Kapner, the joy of building his collection hasn't come from the items themselves but from the people it has put him in touch with — ballplayers and their relatives, other collectors, sports writers and many others with ties to the game.

That includes Marlene Houtchens, of Redmond, who baby-sat the children of several Rainiers players when she was a Franklin High School student in the 1950s.

Kapner contacted Houtchens after she was quoted in a 1994 Seattle Times article compiling people's memories of the Rainiers, and she has since become a family friend.griffeys

"He's a very fine young man with a real appreciation for Seattle baseball teams," said Houtchens, 75, "and I was blown away by his collection." To that collection, she has added a Rainiers jersey and other items.

Kapner had what he calls a pinch-me moment in 2010, when he was invited to sit on a panel discussion with three former major-leaguers who had all played for the Seattle Pilots: Jim Bouton, Greg Goossen and Tommy air griffey max 1

Held in Burbank, Calif., the event was organized by the Baseball Reliquary, an organization of baseball history buffs. It marked the 40th anniversary of the publication of Bouton's frank and controversial diary, "Ball Four."

Kapner's own baseball past includes playing Little League and coaching a team his teenage stepson played air griffey fury 2012

Several times a year, he displays parts of his collection. He has shown them at events and venues in Washington, California and Arizona. He approached Sea-Tac about setting up the airport display.

"It's a way of sharing my passion," he said. "Maybe somewhere out there there's a kid and this ignites a passion in him."

Odds aren't in Edgar Martinez's favor for 2012 Hall of Fame induction

On Monday, when the Hall of Fame election results are announced, I expect just one person — shortstop Barry Larkin — to join Veterans Committee choice Ron Santo in the Cooperstown class of 2012.

For the third straight year, I unhesitatingly cast a vote for Edgar Martinez, but I'll be blunt here: Edgar doesn't have a chance to be elected. Not this year. Not yet.

My hope is that he makes some incremental improvement after dropping from 36.2 percent in 2010 to 32.9 percent last year.griffey fury 2012

If Martinez can get into the 40 percentile this year, or even the high 30s, that would be a good jumping off point for eventual enshrinement, which takes a 75 percent vote from eligible members of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

I can point to any number of players who made a slow but steady rise to election. Just last year, the writers enshrined Bert Blyleven in his 14th year on the ballot. Blyleven had just 17.4 percent of the vote in his third year. Jim Rice took 15 years before finally getting voted in in 2009. Rice had 35.3 percent his third year.

So there's hope for Edgar, but it will require patience from his supporters. Much weirdness lies ahead, and it's hard to predict what impact it will have on Martinez's candidacy. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be good, at least not in the short term.griffeys for kids

I'm referring to the blitz of high-profile candidates who will hit the ballot in the next three years. It is an incendiary mix of no-brainers, close calls and celebrated steroids cases, and the prospect of which already has the electorate's heads spinning.

On next year's ballot come, gulp, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and Curt Schilling. And following in 2014: Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas and Mike Mussina. In 2015 arrive Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, John Smoltz and Gary Sheffield, followed by the coronation of Ken Griffey Jr. in 2016.

It will be easy for someone like Edgar — who is already competing with the likes of Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, Jack Morris, Lee Smith, Larry Walker and Fred McGriff for attention and votes — to get lost in that seismic shuffle.griffeys 2012

For the record, here was the ballot I turned in this year: Bagwell, Larkin, Martinez, McGriff, Mark McGwire, Raines, Trammell, Walker. That's the same as last year's ballot, minus Blyleven and Roberto Alomar, both elected. The only new name I considered seriously was Bernie Williams, but I thought he fell just short.

With Edgar, as with Williams and most of the others, the Hall of Fame debate is the fun kind — arguing the merits of his statistical résumé, and in Martinez's case, kicking around how much, if any, he should be penalized for playing the bulk of his career at designated air griffey max ii

I strongly believe that Martinez's body of work screams "Hall of Fame," regardless of his DH status. But I'm realistic enough to acknowledge that there's a valid counter-argument to be made — otherwise, 64 percent of the electorate wouldn't be omitting him. I'll keep trying to make Edgar's case, and hope that the tide swings his way.

But the debate that will heat up next year is how to deal with those superstar players linked to steroids, like Bonds and Clemens, the best hitter and pitcher of their generation.air griffey max 2

This much is guaranteed: It won't be fun. As you can see, I voted for McGwire, who has admitted to steroids use, and didn't vote for Rafael Palmeiro, who had 3,000 hits and 500 homers but failed a drug test in 2005.

My feeling all along is that it's impossible for the writers to be the "steroids police." We can safely say a large number of players were using performance-enhancing drugs in that era, and it was allowed to happen. The statistics still count. No one knows definitively, or will ever know, who used and who didn't. Who knows — we may have already unknowingly elected a steroids user to the Hall of Fame, and we almost certainly will in the future.

Conversely, I'd bet there are players widely suspected of using steroids who didn't. It's such a slippery slope. Keep in mind that amphetamines — including the so-called "greenies" that were rampant in the 1960s and '70s, by all accounts — are now banned by MLB as performance-enhancing drugs. Should we kick all the greenies users out of the Hall?women ken griffey shoes

The admittedly uncomfortable solution I've settled upon, in the absence of any steroids guidelines from the Hall of Fame, is to judge players on their body of work. The exception for me was Palmeiro, who normally would have been an automatic choice as a member of the 500-homer-3,000-hit club to which only Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Eddie Murray also belong.women griffeys

But as I wrote last year, I determined I would draw my steroids line — for now — on players who tested positive after MLB finally came out of its hazy netherworld of tacit allowance of the steroids culture. By 2005, the league's anti-steroids policy had been codified in the Basic Agreement. Palmeiro knew full well the consequences of using performance-enhancing drugs, and despite wagging his finger at Congress, he tested positive for a steroid.

For me, that's a deal breaker. But trust me, I'll be doing a lot of soul-searching about steroids and the Hall of Fame in the next year.

What should Mariners do with Ichiro?

One thing you quickly notice about Ichiro whenever he breaks another record is the company he keeps.

When he became the fourth-fastest to reach 2,500 hits Tuesday, he was again mentioned with Al Simmons, Ty Cobb and George Sisler. And as Ichiro marches through the 496 remaining hits to reach 3,000 in the major leagues, we'll hear about his combined totals from Japan, and whether he and Pete Rose share something in common.

At least, that's one vision of how the future will unfold.griffeys for women

But before it can become reality, the Mariners will need to decide where Ichiro fits in their future. And that's no easy thing to do for a 38-year-old with a worse on-base percentage than hitting lightweight Brendan Ryan — and out of the leadoff spot to boot — while carrying Hall of Fame credentials.

First, before the future can be discussed, the Mariners have to figure out how to get through griffey shoes

"He's going to have to understand that it's not a bad thing to take a day off every now and again," Mariners manager Eric Wedge said after Ichiro responded to a rare day off Monday by notching four hits upon his return. "I know what he's conditioned for and that he wants to play every single day. But ultimately, what we're looking for is to get the most out of everybody every single day."

It's not just Ichiro's .288 OBP or the .375 slugging percentage from a guy who's spent the entire season in either the OBP-required leadoff position or the slugging-heavy No. 3 ken griffey shoes

More alarming has been his penchant for chopping balls back to the mound or the right side of the infield. While his defense remains stellar, the revived bat the Mariners had hoped for had seemingly vanished for good.

Then, after one day off, the line drives were back. And yet, Ichiro did not seem to completely accept that he had needed a day off when asked whether he agreed with Wedge that they aren't a bad thing.

"It kind of depends on how you're given that day off," Ichiro said, through interpreter Antony Suzuki. "(Monday) was tough for me. It was fairly regretful because you want to go out there and perform. But then, I understand the skipper's situation.

"Regretting is something I have in my heart, but then, at the same time, that becomes a motivation to want to come back. What I'm saying is that there are different patterns to being given a day off."griffeys sneakers

However, every player on the team has had days off to prevent fatigue as well as when their performance has dropped.

There is also the question of the Mariners and their rebuilding plan, which is in its fourth year and second manager, all under general manager Jack Zduriencik.king griffeys 2012

The team fired Wedge's predecessor, Don Wakamatsu, two years ago after he lost support of the clubhouse largely over his handling of Ken Griffey Jr. Just like Ichiro, Griffey was another Hall-bound former superstar whose numbers were a shadow of what they'd been.

Griffey, however, wasn't close to any milestones and merely wanted to find a dignified way out of his career. With Ichiro, the specter of 3,000 hits still looms two or three seasons away.

When asked by a reporter this week whether he had his eye on 3,000 hits, Ichiro replied that it was a bad question, seemingly indicating he's prepared to shoot for 3,000.

And that dynamic poses both short- and long-term questions for the Mariners.king griffeys

The question of whether to sign Ichiro beyond 2012 aside, the goal of reaching 3,000 hits may spur him to want as many at-bats as possible this year.

While Ichiro continues to play right field every day, the Mariners have been forced to juggle younger outfielders — most notably Casper Wells, the team's hottest-hitting outfielder — to find them playing time.

Wells has already endured a stint at Class AAA because of a roster crunch. Upon returning, the right-handed hitter has gone 11 for 21 and is erasing the idea he's merely a platoon player by punishing right-handed pitchers.

Wells is hitting .275 with an on-base-plus-slugging percentage of .820 versus left-handed pitching this season and .357 with an OPS of .879 against right-handers.griffey shoes

Wedge is interested in seeing Wells play more, but if Ichiro plays every day, the Mariners can't get the extended look at Wells they'd need to deem him Ichiro's successor. The issue would be less thorny if Ichiro hit like a typical right fielder.

Ichiro was adamant this week that he's used criticisms of his play throughout his career as a motivator.

"Because that's just my style," he said. "That's just how I show my playing attitude. Some guys say this sport is entertainment, but then I take it to a different level. I don't take it as entertainment. I love this game, obviously. But then there's more to that than just entertainment. That's how I like to build myself, build my life and transfer it over to my fans."

Ichiro also made clear he doesn't always respect those making the criticism.ken griffey shoes

"At times, we hear criticism from guys that are good evaluators," he said. "And at the same time, we get evaluated by guys who don't know much about the game."

There is plenty of truth to that, but the same numbers that have Ichiro ticketed for Cooperstown — 2,504 hits and counting, 10 consecutive 200-hit seasons, and a lifetime .327 batting average — have not been so kind of late.

They show him with a .305 OBP going on 1 ? seasons and a .352 slugging percentage over the past two calendar years combined — the worst of any qualifying right fielder in the majors.

Those numbers demonstrate just why this situation is becoming increasingly difficult for the Mariners, no matter how many legendary names Ichiro continues to hang with.

"It makes you cry" — Ichiro makes heroic return to Japan

The message Ichiro most wanted to hear was delivered the four times he reached base this most memorable of all his opening nights.

Not merely from the fans saluting his four hits from the Tokyo Dome stands during a 3-1 victory by the Mariners in 11 innings on Wednesday, though their appreciation came as a relief to the Japanese baseball icon who hoped they felt the series was as special as he did.

"You could see they were feeling what I was feeling," Ichiro said.ken griffey jr shoes

But just as touching to the 38-year-old Mariner, who'd gone into this season opener with the anticipation of a rookie, were the Oakland Athletics players who kept approaching him on the bases to give him their thoughts about this trip.

"Our teammates said that about our fans, too," he said. "They said they like the fans here, the atmosphere, the way they approach it. And even the players on the other side, the opponents, the A's, said that, too. So, it's a good experience."

The 44,227 fans applauded every play made with vigor. They even gave Ichiro a hearty cheer when he ran hard up the first-base line but was thrown out by a couple of steps on a ground ball after starting the night 3 for 3.king griffey shoes

And then, in the 11th inning, they went wild. First, when Dustin Ackley ripped a single to center to bring Brendan Ryan home with the go-ahead run for the Mariners. Ackley had hit a solo homer to right-center in the fourth inning to give Seattle its only previous run on a night Felix Hernandez threw 104 pitches over eight innings. Hernandez allowed one run while coming away with no decision.

But it was left to Ichiro to truly cap the night. Ichiro stepped in one more time, against reliever Jerry Blevins, and lined his fourth single of the game into center griffeys

"Doing it in front of his fans in Japan, that's got to be special for him," Ackley said of Ichiro. "It was special for everybody out there."

The crowds here don't give standing ovations that go on for minutes at a time like American crowds do. But several thousand Japanese fans stood during a burst of cheers that was the loudest of the night.

"To see the fans and how they react and how they welcomed the players, they're very warmhearted," Ichiro said.

"It makes you cry."

Mariners relief pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen was one of those who quickly warmed to the fans this week. So much so that Monday, he purchased a scarf and banner of the Hanshin Tigers team, ventured out to the right-field bleachers and cheered the team in an exhibition victory over Oakland.

"Just hopping on the bandwagon, I guess," Wilhelmsen said.griffeys

Bleacher cheering sections at Japanese games — known as oendan — aren't like those in American baseball. In fact, they're more akin to soccer faithful cheering at Sounders FC matches. They bang drums, blow horns and sing chants and cheers everybody is expected to know.

They are coordinated in their chanting and flag-waving by one or more conductors, who usually stand in the middle of the section with a baton and direct those with musical instruments to start playing. Those without a drum or tuba are expected to scream themselves hoarse.

And the screaming, cheering and playing doesn't end until that team's at-bats are finished. It continues on, pitch-to-pitch, until the team's third griffeys 2012

Wilhelmsen witnessed it when the Tigers were beating the Mariners on Sunday. Monday, with Hanshin playing Oakland in the early game ahead of Seattle and Yomiuri, the Mariners relief pitcher decided to get a taste.

"I bought a bunch of gear — some bats, scarves and a towel — and just dropped my butt down next to all those guys and just started going with it," Wilhelmsen said. "When they scored runs, we popped our thundersticks together. It was just really cool."

Wilhelmsen tried to buy a Tigers hat and jersey, too, but couldn't find any his size. He said he didn't think anyone in the stands realized who he was, and probably was just dismissed as some wild American tourist. He tried to sing along in Japanese.

"I couldn't," he said. "I was trying to, but they have a different song for everything and every different player."

In the end, Wilhelmsen said he had a great time and will take home great memories of the fans here. Not to mention of the Mariners' season opener. He pitched the final two innings and earned the victory after Brandon League notched the save.

Ichiro will take home plenty, as well. He'd invested so much emotionally in this series and was thrilled to see the opener play out the way it did.

"This is a moment that will go by like that," he said of the Mariners' trip to Japan, which ended with a game Thursday morning. "And then you will reflect and say, 'Wow, that was quick.' "

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Welcome to cheap oakley sunglasses was started by Jim Jannard in 1975 in his garage with an initial investment of $14.99. The name discount oakley sunglasses came from Jannard's dog,an English Setter. Jannard began by selling what he called 'The Oakley Grip' out of the back of his car at motocross events. His motorcycle grips were unlike other grips available at the time,using a patented material known as 'Unobtanium',a unique creation by Jannard. The material is still used to make the earsocks on fake oakley sunglasses,and many of the nose pieces. Oakley went on to produce number plates,gloves,grips,elbow guards,chin guards,and goggles for the BMX and motocross communities in oakley sunglasses cheap Store -

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Welcome to our cheap oakley sunglasses store where both cheap oakleys and oakley sunglasses are on promotional sale. As is known to all, Oakleys sunglasses are the ultimate sunglasses name brand in the world. When compared with other sunglasses brand like Ray ban and Dior etc. Oakley sunglasses sale is undoubtedly more professional and is able to give you more choice with its numerous sunglasses models. But it's a nuisance that official Oakley sunglasses websites sell them too high for to purchase. As a must-have in daily life, everyone needs Oakleys. So we launched the oakley sunglasses outlet online. Come and take your time to choose your favorite discount oakley sunglasses and cheap oakley sunglasses. Enjoy your shopping here.


Cheap Oakley Sunglasses comply with and exceed the ANSI Z87.1 requirements for impact and high impact protection. All Oakley glasses must pass three tests before being produced for sale.
The impact protection is one of the main tests that Cheap Oakley eyeglasses must pass. Most of the Oakley models also comply with Canada's CSA Z94.3-02 protection standards.
Oakley lenses and frames are designed to protect against impact, sun and wind. The lenses are made of a patented material, called Plutonite, that characteristically filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm. Even in its natural state (with no lens tint).[8] Plutonite also delivers unrivaled impact protection - one reason why Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Saleis the gear of choice for world class athletes, military personnel, law enforcement and more.

Oakley's High Definition Optics (HDO) is a collection of patented technologies that allow the eyeglasses to pass all ANSI Z87.1 optical standards. HDO technology is claimed by the company to use three-dimensional imaging to ensure that each part of the lens in the oakley sunglasses sale will adhere to a consumer's prescription with no unintended magnification
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