Online Test for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating “highs” and “lows” (mania and depression) above and beyond what is considered normal and appropriate in a given situation. These moods can last anywhere from weeks to years, and a mixed mood is possible with characteristics of each.

Because of its nature, proper diagnosis for bipolar disorder can be difficult. It’s hard to know the difference between normal, appropriate moods and excessive, unstable mood swings, especially since bipolar people don’t really have a “normal” they can look back on and gauge against. The first step is determining whether or not you have depressive episodes. After that, this test can help you gauge whether or not your “highs” cross the line into mania or fall within normal emotional bounds.

Please remember that an online test is not a replacement for a professional diagnosis. If you believe you have bipolar disorder, or any other mental disorder, see a psychiatrist to get a professional opinion.

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