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The old adage “knowledge is power” is still true! In our competitive world, a quality education is the key to personal and professional achievement. Start expanding your horizons with the information you’ll find here on these exciting and affordable educational options. Here you will discover continuing education programs designed to meet the needs of busy working adults. Other interested programs are designed to enhance your life and create a positive impact on your career. You will notice many of these online degree programs offer financial guidance to help you get started.

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Education Articles

As time goes on, more and more education is necessary to keep up with the status quo.

There have been thousands of reported cases of teachers and students flirting with one another. While some are...

A college degree may not teach you how to manage your money wisely, but unwise spending choices while in college...

The world economy is struggling, and the education world is seeing the effects first hand.

The economy is continually fluctuating, causing many to lose jobs that they have held for years.

There are different types of colleges and universities that one can go to.